Four US congressmen made joint statement on termination of the mission of Azerbaijani ambassador Yashar Aliyev to this country, highly assessing the diplomat`s activity in the last five years, and thanked Mr. Aliyev. Co-chairs of the Working Group on Azerbaijan at the US House of Representatives Dan Boren, Bill Shuster, Steve Cohen and Ms. Virginia Fox have stated that thanks to fruitful cooperation with Mr. Yashar Aliyev, the number of the Working Group members has doubled. The Ambassador of Azerbaijan has resolutely supported the position of his country during his mission, made efforts to strengthen and widen the strategic partnership between the United States and Azerbaijan in all fields, including military, economic and political fields. The legislators have also highly assessed the work Mr. Aliyev carried out to increase awareness of US Congressmen and officials on the important role Azerbaijan plays in the security of the United States, better propaganda of the questions concerning Azerbaijan through fruitful and close contacts in Capitol that promoted strengthening of mutual understanding between the two nations. The Congressmen wished success to the ambassador in his future activity