Expedient economic policy successfully implemented by leadership of Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the President of the Republic, especially concern about development of the entrepreneurship activity being played an important role in social-economic life of the republic has created a base for the development of the agriculture, which is made base of regional economy. At the same time, carrying out of activities considered in the State Programs on social- economic development of regions and provision of the population with foodstuff, provision of agricultural producers with compensation in amount of 40 manats by means of budget for purchasing of fuel and motor oils used in per ha sowing according to the decree of the President of the Republic on state support for agricultural producers dated 23 January 2007, № 1907, as well as payment by state in average 50 per cent of value of mineral fertilizers sold to producers, provision of grain producers with compensation in amount of 40 manats by means of budget with the purpose of increasing their interests and stimulation of cereals production, allocation of the additional funds for selling of reproductive seed influencing on productivity, organization of trade fair on selling of agricultural products at the weekend positively influenced on harvest without losses.

Azerbaijani peasant achieved great progresses, so general agricultural production increased by 58.1 per cent compared to 1993. There were observed considerable achievements in increasing of production of different types agricultural products. 2.0 million ton of grain, 954 thousand ton of potatoes, 1190 thousand ton of vegetables, 434 thousand ton of market garden crops, 730 thousand ton of fruit and berries, 130 thousand ton of grape were harvested during 2010. The grain production in 2010 increased by 1.7 times compared to 1993, potatoes – 6.3 times, vegetables – 2.4 times, market-garden crops – 9.2 times, fruit and berries – 2.1 times.

Livestock production increases dynamically. 253.8 thousand ton of meat in carcass weight, 1529.2 thousand ton of milk, 1178.6 million units of egg, and 15.6 thousand ton of wool were produced during 2010. during the indicated period meat production in carcass weight increased by 2.7 times, milk- 1.9 times, egg – 2.0 times, wool production – 1.6 times.

Development of the national economy, increasing of competitiveness of the produced goods influences on import-export balance of the country and enhances possibilities of food security provision. The results of the last years show that increasing of support to agrarian sector of the country by the state has positive influence and today demand of the population on food products is provided by means of local production. At the same time, increasing of productivity of agrarian sector, rational use of land in property of economies, installation of storehouses, refrigerating chambers, establishment of manufacturing enterprises, improvement of productivity, rationality and quality indicators, improvement of productivity of ecological products is one of the important matters.

After gaining of the independence, several problems peculiar to transition period occurred in transport sector. In the result of agrarian reforms, 2239 collective farms, state farms and other agricultural enterprises were closed down and liquidated and instead of them different economies of organizational-legal forms. 1525 agricultural enterprises, including 219 state agricultural enterprises, 331 collective (joint) enterprises as well as 73 agricultural production cooperatives (LTD, JSC and etc.) and 902 agricultural enterprises were available at the end of 2010. Besides that, 41 agro service enterprises, 437 irrigation company, 33 service enterprises for plant cultivation and livestock.

In accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic #111, dated April 17, 2015 “About the measures related to the cancellation, privatization and rearrangement of the farm-owned state enterprises and organizations under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the activities not considered appropriate” the structural change was made in SAPE LLCs under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and total 20 production enterprises were established under the basis of operating 35 production enterprises. The core objective of the Agricultural Production Entities is to achieve improvement of seed-growing and breeding for obtaining of high-quality and rich harvest by applying each innovation of economic efficiency.

Comprehensive measures were taken in 2015 in order to improve institutional, economic and technological development mechanisms of agriculture radically within modern phase of agrarian reforms. As part of these measures, Azerbaijan joined to global challenge for declaring of 2015 as “the International Year of Soils” by UN General Assembly and the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed Order No 988, dated 12 January, 2015 on declaring of 2015 as “the year of agriculture” in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Action Plan was approved by the Presidential Decree No 1160, dated 3 April, 2015.

50 activities for supporting of agricultural production, capacity building on the agriculture, improving scientific support and staff training, strengthening infrastructure for information technology in the field of agriculture and establishing of e-agriculture system, outreach and advocacy activities have been considered to be implemented and the Ministry of Agriculture has been identified as the coordinator of the event.

Comprehensive actions taken in 2015 by taking into account the long-term development objectives of agriculture were important in terms of the sustainable development of the area and strengthening reliable provision of the country with food products.